Acne Treatments by Selfology
(IPL & Various Methods)


You can see the number of acne has been substantially reduced in the forehead and the skin rejuvenated as well.  


The Beforehand and Afterwards

Acne Treatment Photo Series

are part of the Book of Changes and Transformation happening at selfology.



Nano Fractional Radio Frequency Skin Transformation 


On the forehead and smiling line area skin has transformed (smoothed), lifted, and muscle toned due to sustained collagen production sparked by the NanoFractiona Radio Frequency Facial at selfology.   

The Beforehand and Afterwards

Photo Series are part of the Book of Changes and Transformation happening at selfology.  We will do better with the lighting going forward. 


Diamond Polar 
Radio Frequency Treatments


@selfology South Granville
Pigmentation & Skin Toning​

Nano Fractional Radio Frequency Skin Resurfacing 

@selfology South Granville​

Acne Treatment

@selfology South Granville



Nano Fractional Facial & Acne Treatments:  
(Acne and Scar Removal)


The major transformation by a combination of the Nano Fractional Radio Frequency facial, the various Acne Treatments (e.g. IPL and Venus Acne Dual), as well as the right home resources between treatments over a course of two months.   The reduction of acne growth and the smoothing of the scares are apparent from the field notes as well as the visual notes here.


The Beforehand and Afterwards

Photo Series are part of the Book of Changes and Transformation happening at selfology.  


Real Silk Protein Hair Restoration







Botox - for Masseter

Case #JU008




Medical Aesthetics 

@selfology South Granville

Botox - for Masseter

Case #TY002




Medical Aesthetics 

@selfology South Granville​

Case #TY002, Botox for Masseter Muscles

The Beforehand and Afterwards

Photo Series is part of the

Book of Changes and Transformation

happening at selfology. 

Transformation Cases 


South Granville


Medical Spa


South Granville



Nano Fractional Radio Frequency  for Skin Transformations,

Face Contouring & Firming, Brightening & Smiling Line Reduction and more.



Case #VK002 


 Nano Fractional Radio Frequency  for 
Skin Transformations, Face Contouring & Firming, Brightening 
& Smiling Line Reduction, after one treatment.

 Case #VK002




Wood River 木河

Yellow River 黃河



Our Work on

 "Growing Younger" at Selfology


 The Selfology "Book of Change" for 

remembering the transformations into youthfulness, for

Earth, Body, Mind, and Beauty.

Selfology Superfamily is proud to support BC Cancer Foundation’s work on the Pancreatic Cancer Rapid Access Clinic, by offering our One Love Selfology Private Party (OLSPP) as a choice for the special guests at the 2019 Hope Couture Gala.   


The OLSPP is a private spa party experience for eight people at the Selfology space.    This successful and well-liked private spa event is highly customizable in various aspect, as the space and Superfamily are completely reserved for you - we look forward to working with you to create a special event for you and your loved ones at this iconic Granville and 16th location.     For the 2019 Gala, we have updated the four options with our most popular medical spa and medical aesthetic transformations, or one can choose from any of our award-winning spa and hair services as well.   Your OLSPP details are available at


selfology® South Granville

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Reach by Hand, Heal by Heart,

Evolving the Way with Ways


Raising Funds for a

Pancreatic Cancer Rapid Access Clinic at BC Cancer Vancouver


Primary Information, 

The number of Guests: 8 including the Key Donor.

Value: $2,940  (including food and alcohol).   

Real Silk Protein

Hair Restoration

@selfology South Granville​

Diamond Polar Radio Frequency Treatment:
(Skin Toning & Pigmentation Book of Change)


Therapist Notes: after the Diamond Polar Radio Frequency treatment, the skin complexity, it's overall toning has brightened and the pigmentation under the right eyes are substantially reduced. 



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