Nano Fractional Facial & Acne Treatments:  
(Acne and Scar Removal)


The major transformation by a combination of the Nano Fractional Radio Frequency facial, the various Acne Treatments (e.g. IPL and Venus Acne Dual), as well as the right home resources between treatments over a course of two months.   The reduction of acne growth and the smoothing of the scares are apparent from the field notes as well as the visual notes here.


The Beforehand and Afterwards

Photo Series are part of the Book of Changes and Transformation happening at selfology.  


The Beforehand and Afterwards

Photo Series is part of the

Book of Changes and Transformation

happening at selfology. 

Transformation Cases 


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 "Growing Younger" at Selfology


 The Selfology "Book of Change" for 

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IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
Facials & Treatments
Pigmentation Reduction,
Toning, and Youthing

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IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
Facials & Treatments
Pigmentation Reduction,
Toning, and Youthing


《 Growing Younger at selfology®  成長青春 自我生態® 》


Book of Change Case No. I.D.001 


IPL (Intense Pulse Light) 

Facials & Treatments

Pigmentation Reduction, 

Toning, and Youthing


Results after One IPL Treatment (CASE# ID001) :


Our Relatable Relationship (RR) I.D. came to us with three major concerns, (1) Skin Pigmentation (2) Yellowing and Dull Skin Tone (3) Redness.


She has never received any skin laser and IPL (Photofacial) before her selfology visit. 

During her first visit, a patch-testing is performed, along with a face-mapping consultation to plan and strategise for the right combination of elements (such as techniques and power settings per skin and facial muscle condition) to create these effective skin transformations.  


A Selfologist prepared I.D.’s skin with a Selfology Medispa Preparation Facial sequence that includes the use of either the advanced Thalassotherapy skincare Seaflora or collagen powerhouse Clayton Shagal.   These techniques and resources improved the skin and muscle circulation in preparing the skin for an optimised response with the intense healing light.

In I.D.'s case, we used Seaflora for the effects, including the bioactivity (see The Science of Seaflora 《selfology®》for more information).


RR I.D. sees a 60% pigmentations reduction, redness (effected by both the Selfology Medispa Preparation Facial (SMPF), using ingredients especially curated to maximize the effectiveness of these medical aesthetic and spa treatments on the skin, as well as the way we distribute the IPL rejuvenation power over your skin per your face mapping.  


Post-Treatment Applied: Three weeks of daily use of Seaflora Face & Body Gel & the Seabright™ Moisturizer.   After Three-Weeks, the brightening is enhanced with these thalassotherapy resources – with the skin bright and well-toned.


Our awareness of I.D.’s body ecology mapping (the Self Ecology Mapping System) also helped with the results. 


 I.D. furthered her Self Ecology by advanced TCM treatments by Dr. Emily Liu, who has twenty more years of field experience, as well as being a TCM teacher locally for many years.  Dr Emily Liu has given I.D. various consultation based on her Self Ecology body type.  Some mild herbal medicine is being prescripted for metabolism improvement that will help to improve her skin condition from the roots and soil.