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Audille B.

Washington, DC, United States

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I went to this place for my boyfriend’s birthday. I am a beautician and I’ve worked in many spa in the past in my home country, so I have knowledge about how to do a good massage and it was the first experience for my boyfriend.

I’ve booked an hour full body massage + 30 facial. The place is tiny but it is not really bothering, the employers are really nice and explain really well about their products, they ask important questions (allergies , how much do you want the pressure etc) my boyfriend said firm and I said moderate.

When the woman started massage me, it was at the beginning too firm so I asked lighter, which she did , the massage was in general great , and my boyfriend has been really happy.

I especially loved the facial and when we went out of the spa, our skin was so smooth , and my boyfriend noticed me that my face looked healthier and better (haha).

I would recommend this place, the price are so affordable and the employers are really nice. All the people who complained about the appointment services, just go head to the spa and make the appointment instead of complaining, this spa offer you a wonderful deal , so I would rather go take the appointment myself and get a good price than spent $400 for an hour duo massage in any other spa just bc they answer to the phone, be understable that they have a lot of customers.

If the owner see this review, please congratulate your employers because they were perfectly nice and caring about their customers.

Great job.

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