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January 25, 2018
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Sheila P. •

Richmond, Canada


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Selfology is one of my favorite newly discovered spas in Vancouver! I purchased two separate Groupons to give myself a spa day, one was the 60 minute massage and 30 minute facial, and the other was the 90 minute head spa and haircut.


I would agree with the other reviewers and say that booking was a little bit inconvenient. The spa does not have a reception, and if you call them you will always get voice mail. I would actually recommend e-mailing them to book because they are very responsive via e-mail. I had a bit of an annoying issue that happened because they had to change my appointment time due to an unforeseen emergency, and instead of just calling once to confirm the change, there were three separate people who called me three separate times trying to reschedule. In the end it did get rescheduled, but the process was very tedious.


The service itself was amazing though, and is what will make me return. The massage was fantastic, just the perfect pressure, and the esthetician was also very attentive to my needs. It was an effective by also very relaxing massage experience. The facial was just okay, I’ve had better facials elsewhere so I probably won’t return for a facial. I might try the foot reflexology next time. That being said, I often get facials at relatively high end places so I wasn’t too surprised this did not live up to my expectations.


The head spa and hair cut were definitely the highlight of my experience. I don’t think I’ve had a haircut this good in a long time.


The layers felt a bit short initially, but after the first wash it looked really good. My boyfriend doesn’t usually like my haircuts, and even he really liked this one. I loved the head massage during the shampoo, it was seriously super relaxing.


Did I mention the shampoo chairs are massage chairs as well!


Despite the issues with booking, I will definitely come back.


Thank you for such a wonderful experience!


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