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• The Ways at Selfology •

Transformation by Our Hands and Hearts

Methodologies by our Growing Younger Spirit​

《 Selfology Growing Younger Series 》

A  Chapter on

"The Science of Seaflora"


Introducing the Seabright Moisturizing Brightener by Seaflora. It is one of SeaFlora's most innovative products.  For Twenty-Years, they have been extracting from the mother's nature in the West Coast of British Columbia to create effective Thalassotherapy products with visible results for professional therapists and conscious consumers.​

Seaflora has been from the beginning, one of the elemental resources selected by Selfology Medical Spa Therapists in creating their unique set of methodologies in preparing one's body and skin, as that improved circulation work alongside with nature's powerful thalassotherapy bioactivities, resulting in even more effective treatments as performed by a trained Selfologist.     


All facial comes with the infusion of either a Seaflora or Clayton Shagal, a collagen power-house for serious anti-ageing effects, a product we will cover in our upcoming episodes. Please stay tuned.   ​

《 Selfology Book of Change 》

Our Work on

"Growing Younger"

• The Ways at Selfology •

Methodologies by our Growing Younger Spirit​

Transformation by our Hands and Hearts


As we welcome the change of weather with open arms, why not have a look at some of the most impressive transformations from the Selfology Medical Spa/Aesthetics Superfamily?​

We have incorporated scientific knowledge with our professional medical-aesthetic strategies and techniques to help our relationship to achieve their "younger" selves.


Stay tuned for more upcoming Book of Change cases from our Medi-Spa Consultant, Jessica Yu and Senior Hair Therapist and Stylist, Kawal Kaur.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
Facials & Treatments
Pigmentation Reduction,
Toning, and Youthing


《 Growing Younger at selfology®  成長青春 自我生態® 》


Book of Change Case No. I.D.001 

Results after One IPL Treatment (CASE# ID001)

蛻變書 - 蛻變故事 I.D.001


蛻變書之蛻變故事 I.D.001Intense Plus Light (IPL 脈衝光子嫩膚)+ 海洋修復臉部護理~減少色斑,亮白暗沈皮膚,鎮靜血管紅絲。


這位顧客一直以來有色斑的困擾,在生產後更加重皮膚暗黃,再加上最近季節的轉變令原本輕微的過敏皮膚出現泛紅。我們團隊使用專業的 Face Mapping 來分析她的皮膚狀況,再加上獨有自我生態地圖(Self Ecology Mapping) 用於了解她體內環境及體質,更有效率和徹底地由內而外的治療。由於她之前並没有接受任何激光和脈衝光子的治療經驗,在做醫美療程之前我們都會做皮膚的測試,這樣更能無後顧之憂的接受安全的治療;經過所有的分析和測試之後我們決定使用安全有效的能量達到最佳的效果;在療程進行中我們先進行一個放鬆的海洋修復臉部護理,全程使用高效修復保溼功能的天然海藻產品,介由按摩方式能讓皮膚有充份的做好滋養和水份準備,能有效的減低IPL 脈衝光子嫩膚之後的修復過程中,常發生的皮膚乾燥或泛紅。




我們的團隊也建議她使用 Seaflora 海藻精華膠 (Seaflora Seaweed Face & Body Gel )加強皮膚修復及保溼,同時也有防禦紫外線保護皮膚的功能;再配合每天使用Seaflora 海洋高效美白多功能保濕(Seaflora Seabright™ Moisturizing Brightener)淡化色斑,另加上Clayton Shagal 強效蛋白精華膠(Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus) 和強效緊緻精華膠(Clayton Shagal Elastin Gel Plus) ;三週後她發現皮膚更亮白緊緻,色斑更明顯淡化。


這位顧客目前也正接受Dr. Emily 的針炙和中藥的治療,根據她的自我生態的體質分析報告,給她一系列的生活和飲食建議,根治她本身新陳代謝的問題所造成的皮膚和身體的狀況。









Glowing the   The Book of Love

Glowing the The Book of Love

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