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*Selfology Restarting with an Inner Child Excitement (Phase B)

*Phase-B coincides with Phase 3 or 4 of the BC Restart plan.

Skincare Transformation from selfology

Hair Transformation from Phase A of the selfology ReSTART

Hair Transformation from Phase A of the selfology ReSTART Safety Planner - Restarting with an Inner Child Excitement (now in our Phase B)
*Phase-B coincides with Phase 3 or 4 of the BC Restart plan.

A Dialogue between the CoCreators of selfology and Fairchild Radio FM96.1 一起看世界 Host Jessica 家儀

How many industries can a person try in their lifetime? What are the aspects of other people's work? This podcast records my interviews with people from all walks of life on Chinese Canadian Radio FM 96.1, and uncovers things you may not know about different industrie.

By Jessica 家儀
人一輩子可以嘗試幾種行業呢? 別人的工作內容都是些什麼呢? 這個 podcast 紀錄了我在加拿大中文電台 FM 96.1 訪問了各行各業的人士,揭開了不同行業的你可能不知道的事.

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See the World Together
By Jessica 家儀
How many industries can a person try in his lifetime? What are the contents of other people's work? This podcast records my interviews with people from all walks of life on Chinese Canadian Radio FM 96.1, and uncovers things you may not know about different industries.


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The Immunity of the Community



Selfology Restarting with an Inner Child Excitement (Phase B)


Dear Selfology Relationships,


Our sincere gratitude for your understanding as we gather strengths together during this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. A pandemic causes panic which wreaked havoc our picnics alike. However, humans are leaders because of our humanity codes and all the angels who are helpers of society, be remembered (


Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Superfamily has been busy improving our various digital and other physical operational guidelines and processes, from better automation to less automation where needed. It was a universe given time for adjusting the co-creating plans. Visit the work by the Superfamily at (main) and (store) and we love your support.


Phase A Excitement & Learning Curves


While the government order stipulates a restarting date for our sector on May 19, 2020, businesses are first required to ensure measures are in line with keeping the curves down.


All energies are now converting into good inner-child alike energy and we are working hard on the restarting plans in compliance with various authorities including WorkSafeBC that was released on May 14, 2020.


On May 20, 2020, we have finalized all aspects of Phase A of the Selfology ReSTART Safety Planner 2020 (SRSP) for Medical and Spa Aesthetics Department (comprised of Medical Spa by Medical Aestheticians, Medical Aesthetics by MDs, and Essential Spa by Spa Therapists). We have test-driven the Phase-A plans ever since, beginning with our core-relationships and now expanding to more channels, and our "private" nature is proven well.  *Phase-A coincides with Phase 2 of the BC Restart plan. The space use is limited during Phase A and therefore it will take longer to schedule everyone into our "staggered" schedule table.








We are essentially serving one-family at a time when they are in the common space. That means you will unlikely be running into another family in the South Granville space during your Phase-A appointments.   *a new Family Package is now available for family coming out together to sharing this common space "privately" together. More at 



Simmering and Dimmering into Phase B


Hair and ParaHealth Department are now ready for the Phase B of the Selfology ReSTART Planner 2020. Phase 3 is announced by the BC Premier on June 24, 2020.     *Phase-B coincides with Phase 3 or 4 of the BC Restart plan.    

Your great patience with the Superfamily is very much appreciated as we navigate the "staggered" appointments in a "gradual" way.   As our Kind (Heart), Calm (Body), and Safe (Action) Master Officer says, it's a dimmer switching and a gradual process.    We have also made some modifications based on our demand for the family private arrangements.  Therefore Phase B will stay private and conservative in procedures for the time being.  




The Selfology People & Space


Since we began Selfology South Granville six years ago, our mantra has always been to “Reach by Hand, Heal by Heart, Evolving the Way with Ways”, and we are deeply grateful for the many Relatable Relationships we have come to know over the years, as we gather here to rejoice the betterment of our potentials, from skin, to hair, and to whatever wellness is defined for the years to come, with a strong focus on the spiritual wellness of oneself. 


People concerned for the Community will embrace many reflections for years to come and it will require our inner strength more than ever.   The Selfology Community have been co-creating spaces together we have come to know, tranquil spaces that are free-of and also fearless of judgement (e.g. from the disruptive-algorithm world), and space that is focused on Primary rather than Secondary differences and analyses (so your true self can come to fruition), and it is without want (in contrast with like; for example, a desire-want for three hundred pair of shoes and would any pair give one true pleasure-like in their Heart?), and in always enjoying a good old fashioned appreciation for life.


Kind, Calm, and Safe.

Hearts, Hands, and Family Circles

During the Phase A of our ReSTARTing Plan, Selfology has been exceptionally safe.   Our location is private (*see Phase A door sign, and Phase B is likely to follow similar procedures), has been by appointment only (since 2016), and the vast majority of our bookings are by returning Relationships to name a few attributes in our effort to balance between restarting and reducing curves, and of our collective wellness - as we focus on restarting all parts safely under any phases of our SRSP (Selfology ReSTART Safety Planner), while staying current with the fluid situation.   


Restarting with an inner child excitement.


We invite you to the following ways to connect with Selfology, 


1. Returning and Direct Pay Booking:

2. Voucher Users:

    (Voucher will be extended accordingly)

3. SR (Selfology Reception):

4. SR Voice/SMS: 604-733-7776

5. Main

6. Menu


Free Consultation and Delivery of Spa and Wellness Goods & Practical Gadgets for Home.

**Shoe Coverings are provided and are worn by every moving being in the space at all times.
















The best is here to come.

from the

Selfology Hearts

Reach by Hand, Heal by Heart, Evolving the Way with Ways


^-^ ^-^ ^-^

Selfology Restarting with an Inner Child Excitement

2020 重新啟動


To see our reasons for being and thy helping angels’ names.

Once in a lifetime experience indeed.










Test Ring Me

Introducing the

Family Circle

at Selfology


Family Packages


The "Selfology Family Circle is a "Private" experience for Family, and Family Circles of OneSelf.   


A private space for Family, and Family-Circles of OneSelf at Selfology for Spa, Medical Aesthetics & Spa, and Hair-style & Scalp Wellness.


Always safe and healthy, and "private" while growing younger at selfology.


Info at

A Private Family Wellness Space for You & Your Family Circles


 (*friends are coming in Phase B which is in 3 or 4 of the BC Restart Plan Phase)  

Master Table of Content 

Selfology ReSTART Notebook 

(Work in Progress)

Family Packages Family Circle

Family Packages Family Circle