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Family Packages

*Selfology Restarting with an Inner Child Excitement (Phase B)

*Phase-B coincides with Phase 3 or 4 of the BC Restart plan.

Skincare Transformation from selfology

Hair Transformation from Phase A of the selfology ReSTART

Hair Transformation from Phase A of the selfology ReSTART Safety Planner - Restarting with an Inner Child Excitement (now in our Phase B)
*Phase-B coincides with Phase 3 or 4 of the BC Restart plan.


The Immunity of the Community




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Introducing the

Family Circle

at Selfology


Family Packages


The "Selfology Family Circle is a "Private" experience for Family, and Family Circles of OneSelf.   


A private space for Family, and Family-Circles of OneSelf at Selfology for Spa, Medical Aesthetics & Spa, and Hair-style & Scalp Wellness.


Always safe and healthy, and "private" while growing younger at selfology.


Info at

A Private Family Wellness Space for You & Your Family Circles


 (*friends are coming in Phase B which is in 3 or 4 of the BC Restart Plan Phase)  

Master Table of Content 

Selfology ReSTART Notebook 

(Work in Progress)



Selfology Restarting  with an Inner Child Excitement (Phase B Note Book)


Phase B Update on Hair – Focusing on Family and Safety First



Dear Selfology Relations,

Our original intention is to open the hair department gradually (like a dimmer switch) from our Phase A (coincides with Phase 2 of the BC Restart Plan) into the Phase B (coincides with Phase 3 or 4) of our restarting plans (details at, as earlier macro & micro conditions indicate less concern with the sharing of common space, with concerning attributes such as air drying (for example, some of the more strict salon are deploying limited air-drying time).  Therefore, the sharing of the space indoor by unrelated families remains a concern.    We have decided to maintain the Phase A like operations to do our part on the “curve” for the time being. 


We are seeing increasing demand for the Family Circle packages, where you will share the space privately during your entire treatment with your family.    There are no additional charges for this service.   Visit for more information.   Essentially most of the appointments during our Phase A are staggered in a way to prevent you from seeing anyone else.  The Family Circle goes further, with your family comfortably and safely sharing the space privately and freely.    It is a space you and your family can take a rest from the PPE and masking.


We have always love to meet every One in person, as after all, we are heartfully focused on the care of one self while minding the mantra “reach by hand, heal by heart” since the beginning of our time.  


There is only temporary “physical” distancing, never any social distances and we will meet again soon.    We will keep everyone updated on the restarting efforts, as we stay current with the fluid situation.


Stay safe, calm, and kind.


Selfology Heart Officers

On behalf of the Selfology Superfamily

July 2020




 Additional Information: 


*Promotional Vouchers are accepted but your patience is appreciated as our SR screens for the best way to stagger these appointments for maximum comfort and safety; Vouchers will be extended accordingly. 


**First Experience Pricing is offered to all New Clients and we can match promotional pricing as well.  However, to support local boutiques please consider purchasing directly at our Menu Site,


We invite you to the following ways to connect with Selfology, 


1. Returning and Direct Pay Booking:

2. Voucher Users:

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3. SR (Selfology Reception):

4. SR Voice/SMS: 604-733-7776

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6. Menu (Free Consultation and Delivery of Spa and Wellness Goods & Practical Gadgets for Home.)

The best is here to come.

from the

Selfology Hearts

Reach by Hand, Heal by Heart, Evolving the Way with Ways


^-^ ^-^ ^-^

Selfology Restarting with an Inner Child Excitement

2020 重新啟動


To see our reasons for being and thy helping angels’ names.

Once in a lifetime experience indeed.







LOVE Century for Dialogue

LOVE Century for Dialogue

Family Packages Family Circle

Family Packages Family Circle

 Inner Peace

Inner Peace

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