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The major transformation by a combination of the Nano Fractional Radio Frequency facial, the various Acne Treatments (e.g. IPL and Venus Acne Dual), as well as the right home resources between treatments over a course of two months.   The reduction of acne growth and the smoothing of the scares are apparent from the field notes as well as the visual notes here.


The Beforehand and Afterwards

Photo Series are part of the Book of Changes and Transformation happening at selfology.  


Selfology Skincare

Book of Change


The Beforehand and Afterwards Photo Series is part of the

Book of Changes and Transformation happening at selfology




Selfology Skincare 

Book of Change

Table of Content







Selfology Skincare 
Book of Change







Skincare BoC

Case SY002






Skincae BoC 

Case SK 002 








Nano Fractional Radio Frequency 

Skin Resurfacing Facial

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After two Nano Fractional RF Treatments:  

  • Acne Scars and Acne Marks 90% Reduced. 
  • Pores Tightened
  • Skin Texture Smoothed
  • Skin Tone Brightened


Combined with Clayton Shagal Clinical Line Gel Colhy and Gel Elasthy


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Selfology Skincare

Book of Change 

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A Dialogue between the CoCreators of selfology and Fairchild Radio FM96.1 一起看世界 Host Jessica 家儀

By Jessica 家儀
人一輩子可以嘗試幾種行業呢? 別人的工作內容都是些什麼呢? 這個 podcast 紀錄了我在加拿大中文電台 FM 96.1 訪問了各行各業的人士,揭開了不同行業的你可能不知道的事.

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See the World Together
By Jessica 家儀
How many industries can a person try in his lifetime? What are the contents of other people's work? This podcast records my interviews with people from all walks of life on Chinese Canadian Radio FM 96.1, and uncovers things you may not know about different industries.

*For Children We Care BC Children Hospitals Key Improvement Projects we Support at Selfology

Save the date: Saturday, March 7, 2020
25th Annual For Children We Care Gala presented by Peterson
 Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Performing over a thousand surgeries a year, orthopedic surgeons at BC Children’s are pioneering advances in care that are transforming the lives of kids in BC and around the world.
But many kids still face enormous challenges. Each day, experts here must carefully weigh the best treatment option for these children—not just for today, but for the rest of their lives.
Together, we can help establish a world-renowned orthopedic research program that will drive advances in treatment, lead to breakthroughs in care and ensure that surgeons are equipped with the most specialized tools.

With your help, we can map out their brightest futures in the stars.

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*Selfology FAQ  on - Scalp and Hair Treatments

The ultimate compass to growing your own naturally great hair as much as you can.

Hair & Scalp Treatments at selfology - Caviar Series

*Scalp & Hair Treats at selfology 
Caviar Anti-Ageing Hair Replenishing Treatments by Alterna

* Selfology Ingredient FAQ - Phenethyl Alcohol

• Phenethyl Alcohol ,
• "nervous system", the "brain" and the "reproductive system".
• Alcohols are drying to the skin
• antimicrobial Preservative
• Determined safe for use in cosmetics, subject to concentration or use limitations - Safe for use in cosmetics with some qualifications

• cervical rib 
• Ossification 
• no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL)
• 苯乙醇