Beginning Feb 11, 2020,

Offers the Pair Experiences and When you Combine Two "Pair Experiences", you can form a Mini-Party at the selfology South Granville space with a number of perks including complete private spa space at the iconic corner at Granville & 16th for your deep connection with your self, and that deep expression of your appreciation and love for the pair in your heart and mind.   


Pair = Couple, Sisters, Brothers, Trust, Family and anyone you wish for



(Click to Open Your Default Emailer) when you wish to form a mini-party at seflology.


Two "Pairs Experience" forms a "MiniParty"- email to arrange.  You can Purchase the Pairs Separately Aswell



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How to Book a Selfology Mini-Party

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Family Circles - Private Spa Space

The Selfology Family Circle Packages
Family Circle
Family Packages

*Selfology Restarting with an Inner Child Excitement (Phase B)

*Phase-B coincides with Phase 3 or 4 of the BC Restart plan.


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Mini-Party @selfology


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