• The Ways at Selfology •

Transformation by Our Hands and Hearts

Methodologies by our Growing Younger Spirit​

《 Selfology Growing Younger Series 》

A  Chapter on

"The Science of Seaflora"


Introducing the Seabright Moisturizing Brightener by Seaflora. It is one of SeaFlora's most innovative products.  For Twenty-Years, they have been extracting from the mother's nature in the West Coast of British Columbia to create effective Thalassotherapy products with visible results for professional therapists and conscious consumers.​

Seaflora has been from the beginning, one of the elemental resources selected by Selfology Medical Spa Therapists in creating their unique set of methodologies in preparing one's body and skin, as that improved circulation work alongside with nature's powerful thalassotherapy bioactivities, resulting in even more effective treatments as performed by a trained Selfologist.     


All facial comes with the infusion of either a Seaflora or Clayton Shagal, a collagen power-house for serious anti-ageing effects, a product we will cover in our upcoming episodes. Please stay tuned.   ​

《 Selfology Book of Change 》

Our Work on

"Growing Younger"

• The Ways at Selfology •

Methodologies by our Growing Younger Spirit​

Transformation by our Hands and Hearts


As we welcome the change of weather with open arms, why not have a look at some of the most impressive transformations from the Selfology Medical Spa/Aesthetics Superfamily?​

We have incorporated scientific knowledge with our professional medical-aesthetic strategies and techniques to help our relationship to achieve their "younger" selves.


Stay tuned for more upcoming Book of Change cases from our Medi-Spa Consultant, Jessica Yu and Senior Hair Therapist and Stylist, Kawal Kaur.