《 The Selfology Book of Love 》


Where we gather the loving and the unloving stories - a form of anthopological documentation over time in one place


To "Grow Younger", we must use Love

• The Ways at Selfology •

Methodologies by our Growing Younger Spirit​

Transformation by our Hands and Hearts


Sometimes, in order to enjoy the peacefullness, we must stand up against certain way of being.  Since 2014, the Serlfology Superfamily has been fighting online bullies of sorts and we have learned a few rather interesting things and this is the place to share that as well.  

The majority of this evolving page will focus  on the loving words by people who has visited Selfology.  


We will also be holding some voice podcast for the Superfamily dialogues regarding the many Ways of Beings.



I am in love — 我愛了 — wǒ ài le

A Selfology Anew Awaits Series for the Loving Season

The Selfology® Superfamily


the fairy jar and the ferry lady

a westcoast spirit @ west.selfology.com

the Fastest Narrow & the Slowest Harbour

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selfology Medical Aesthetics Spa


The Map of Kindness

The Map of Kindness
The Map to Kindness
Mapping kindness in all forms and manner.

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@ KIND.selfology.com

Attracting and Sharing Kindness.

The Skyworks and Fireworks Journey

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The Westcoast Journeys WEST.selfology.com

The Search for Westcoast Microenlightenments
Journeying the Westcoast for the Best Resources and Ways

The Sunbathing Journey

The Best Sun Gazing on Earth, a Westcoast Logos

The Oxygen Bathing Journey

The Search for the Best Oxygen Bathing (Air) on Earth.


The Selfology Book of Love Highlights

More Random Words on Selfology 

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They did really good and hard work. My wife really satisfied and love it. Definitely, we'll visit again for both of us. Awesome.

Grey K.

Took a while to get an appointment however the email platform works well to schedule appointments- just be patient. 

Rose A. 

Our Views on the Reviews

Not quite sure if all these negative reviews are real clients. My personal experience has been good. I was originally a Groupon user, that's how I knew this place and the owners. I never have any problem with Groupon, they would give you refund as long as there is a reason. So I don't know why all the fuss with all these Groupon users complaints. Yes, sometimes it may take time to find an appointment, but it is reasonable to expect for all business. I have been going to this spa since they opened few years ago. Owners are nice & genuine couple, they do not cheat on products like other facial places. I had bad experience in other places which they didn't use products as promised, cause they think my eyes are closed during facial and can't see or smell. The owners here train their own estheticians, and they have high standards on staff and products. If they ever over charged me, they would refund me right away. I'm a spa goer, and I've been getting my facials for over 15 years, in different places and even in different countries when I'm travelling. I'm very impressed with their medical spa facial treatments. Their price is reasonable, and I see results on my face.​

Glowing the   The Book of Love

Glowing the The Book of Love

The Most Supernatural Strength on Earth, a Westcoast Logos

The Views on the Reviews & The Book of Love LOVEBOOK.selfology.com

The Views on the Reviews & The Book of Love LOVEBOOK.selfology.com

The Best Sun Gazing on Earth, a Westcoast Logos

Glowing the   The Illuminated Self

Glowing the The Illuminated Self