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《Selfology Spa》






Selfology Manifesto》









The Purpose of selfology®

selfology® is the study and knowledge of a person’s uniqueness.  The purpose of Selfology™ is to desire solace for every self in the world for peace to follow.  Collectively actualized selves bring collective wellness making the world beautiful from within.


Selfologist desire people to be happy, healthy, and beautiful.  We desire to create a space for people’s true self. Welcome to the Selfology™ journey – where your radiant true self creates flow of happiness all around you.    


Self-Awakening. Inner Peace. Global Peace. selfology®

The purpose of Selfology™ is to bring peace for all beings on this planet – our only home and our only hope, therefore, oneness is critical.  Undeniably, we are currently in the Deep Ecology mode, with far too many deep ecological questions needing “deep” answers urgently. 


We hope as the ecology at large stabilizes through sheer global determinations, all selves can continue to maximize their human potential by improving their Self Ecology (自我生態™).  Healthy individuals improve the lives of those around them, generating wellness.


We also desire humanistic way-of-being for all selves when approaching matters of all kind.  For example, the world needs more entrepreneur operating with compassionate hearts and teachers who teach the mind as well as the heart (the People Compass). 


When you have a well planet with well people acting in conscience humanistic ways, we can thoroughly enjoy our individual Beauty Rights, the right to feel beautiful as your true self.



the selfology mission

We started this company because nothing matters more than the challenges that face us all today. global ecological issues, health care issues, human conflicts, and inequality of all kinds.  Kind of a long list and it all begins with our own body temple.


We wish to achieve a sustainable balance amongst the self, the ecology, the mind, and the expression, so we continually transform into a greater self, so we become a help to others. The first mission for us is to "help as many people as possible (to) avoid becoming a hospital patient in the first place".



"there is now abundant evidence that getting just four things right— not smoking maintaining a healthy weight, being active and eating could reduce the risk of all chronic diseases by 80 percent That's right 80 percent! (There are four things on the list, but by eating well and being physically active you will set yourself up for a healthy weight— so you really need to focus only on three things with the final one being not smoking) It's a realization that could, and in my opinion should, remake the way we play the same of life, by inspiring us to make better lifestyle choices If you do it right, you can write new story for your future right down to the genetic level -to a preventive medicine specialist like me, this is of profound importance, because apathy and fatalism are among the biggest enemies of health and healing.


 Becoming a doctor was a natural choice for me. My father is a doctor, and I knew I wanted to do something t}vt mattered, that felt challenging and rewarding- During my training, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the kind of doctor I really wanted to be, and I couldn't help but notice that roughly eight out of ten hospitalized patients had serious illnesses, all of which could have been prevented by exercising, eating well, or not smoking. It seemed tragic to me that these people were suffering and shattering their Jives— when a more healthful lifestyle could essentially have immunized them against such misery. ft was then that the path to my life's work became clear: I started investigating how a doctor an expert in using lifestyle as medicine and how best to leverage nutrition, in particular, to help people avoid getting sick in the first place. The rest, as they say, is history. I have been an internist and a preventive medicine specialist ever since. I rely on both aspects of my training to take care of existing and to try to help as many people as possible avoid becoming my (or any other doctor's) patients in the first place!"


Katz M.D. David; Stacey Colino (2013-09-26).  Disease-Proof- The Remarkable Truth About What Makes Us Well (p.xii)





selfology® ebmb

 The four founding faith for selfology®.



Deep Ecology for Earth

Selfologist must ask deeper ecological questions and find answers that are fair for our ecological partners on Earth. It has been a challenge to find genuinely ecological resources for our Selfology™ Salon & Spa, and we are making progress every day.  We seek internationally for ecologically sound and harmless spa and salon methodologies that do not sacrifice our desire to be beautiful – we believe it is our right to be beautiful without the invasive harm. We are grateful for Arne Naess, who provided the ground work on the contemporary Deep Ecology philosophies.



Self Ecology (自我生態®) for Body

Each human is fundamentally similar yet we are each unique. Selfologist desire to find new ways to understand the self - about seven years ago we stumbled upon a lesser-known body type classification system clinically found by Chinese Medical field named 9-body-constituent system.   The system outlines 9 different types of bodies, with specificity on various manifestation ranging from suitable diet to behaviour qualities. The system has only been around for 10 years and recently became a curriculum for authoritative TCM programs.


Selfologist realized the 9-body-constituent system is closely related to the body’s temperature and moisture level. Therefore, we have decided to express it using climate and geological terms. For example, one of the 9 Self Ecology Sign is named “DO” which stands for Desert Ocean – this body type predominantly feels dry therefore the most suitable balance is oceanic ways (for example thalassotherapy).  Another example is Rainforest Tundra “RT” – for people who are hot and damp who desires cool and dry for balance.



Connect with us for a free 30 minutes consultation to realize your Self Ecology Sign.



People Compass for Mind

Selfologists’ sense of self is best described by a set of philosophies from Confucius's Great Learning:

Illustrate Bright Virtue on the self

1. Curious and investigative

2. Extension of knowledge

3. A sincere mind

4. Cultivate good hearts

5. Cultivate good health


Love People

6. Cultivate love in the family

7. Cultivate love in the World

8. Cultivate peace


Rest in the Highest Excellence

9. selfology®



Beauty Rights - for Beauty

Human has rights and you feeling beautiful as “you” is also your right. It is people’s right to feel beautiful without invasive methodologies, social stereotypes, and various cliché pressures. The only person who can properly answer the metaphysical question of Who Am I is your very self. The world can change you only if you allow it to. Selfologist desires people to become happy, healthy, and beautiful rightfully.


Throughout time, our Beauty Rights Movement seeks special self to make them beautiful from within by humanistic ways, and share their journey with all to see.





Book of Change》



Selfology - the Word



Selfology -

the Understanding



Selfology - the Gift