Many of the world's great civilizations have grown up around mighty rivers—Egypt on the Nile, the Mound-builder civilization on the Mississippi, the Indus Valley Civilization on the Indus River. China has had the good fortune to have two great rivers: the Yangtze and the Yellow River (or Huang He).


The Yellow River is also known as the "cradle of Chinese civilization" or the "Mother River."


The Making of the Wood River 

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The Immunity and the Community, and ways to improve lymphatic conditions & "Hair Dye Chemical FAQ Series" exploring deep question such as hair dye effects on our scalp and aging. Love is also infectious.

*Selfology FAQ  on - Scalp and Hair Treatments

The ultimate compass to growing your own naturally great hair as much as you can.

The Immunity and the Community

The immune system we know of today is a complex and delicate system of cellular organisms that perform a wide variety of functions in order to provide immunity against pathogens and other foreign bodies, or you can call them bacteria or virus. There are many research and essays on the evaluation of specific components of the immune system and to assess changes in immune function and status. We also want to make the best sense out of this category of information amongst the marketing, media, local-politics, geo-politics, corporation greed, and every thing else that truly matters to what would affect a strong immunity in our self, and in our community.


Wood River

Yellow River