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®Private Spa of the Year 2017 by the Americas Edition of the Luxury Travel Guide Awards.

(Request Only - To Be Confirmed)

Make use of the selfology app to create and change your Appointment-Request according to your changing availability.

We will do everything we can to find the matching time to your desires.

From the moment we find a spot for you, you will receive an email and text to confirm your acceptance of the time-sensitive invitation. You can also add the details to your Calendar from the email attachment.

You are also automatically enrolled in the Waitlist based on your appointment requests.

Thank you for the lovely feedback over the years that help us improve various aspect of selfology. We are also very sorry for needing to miss so many calls from time to time when we are duly focused with people presence at selfology.

Here we are, trying out a more sensible reception system with more automation so we don't miss finding the time for each other so we can focus on the organic connections that makes happiness and love possible,

See you soon.

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