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A case circa Feb 25, 2017, the year of strange


1. Our team member got sick, and when we spoke to the prospect client to offer apologies, gifts, Active Waitlist for next week, to reschedule, or to refund if desired, we were met with strong emotions and rudeness.  We were hung-up on as well.  

Being in client care, we always absorb these emotional reactions. No big deal we thought. However, we are very protective of the team’s feelings, and no one likes to be treated this way. That is why we filter our clients by removing online booking. 

2. Then a public statement with missing facts were published.  An immediate negative reaction was seen from that misleading statement.  We responded with what we have done so far hoping to allow the public to see the full picture.  

3.  The clarification and our efforts were dealt with condescendingly and then the trolling began, amongst the many hurtful and fake statement by these people, includes our client’s eight-year-old (we have asked her to remove the link for safety) and our team member being talked-down to.  Some also began using very strong languages. 

4. The full details of the file, and our learning points are as follow. 



We have learned from you. 


For the past four days, we have learned so much from you.

We have to hurry up to our next task, so we want to tell you what we have learned from you before we move.

This is the core team, today, at selfology,


Jessica Yu

Peter Tu

Haruna Miyashita

Kawal Kaur

Raina Kwan

Ning Yang

Sube Yang

Hikari Yonemura

Mia Hayashi

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Food, Key

Earth, self.

The things we’ve learned,

1.  Incorrect contact info – we have about 10% issue here.  The DQ is pretty expensive in cost and time here. Outsource.

2.  Need to strengthen admin. Faster touch points.  We have an App one can download from the APP store. We are going to test out a booking system for returning clients.

3.  First-time client reception procedures change. 

4.  Looking at the positive reviews, we learned many things with our hearty clients who treats us with warmth and welcoming gestures.  They don’t get angry at us for our sickness induced schedule change.   They don’t go online and write something hurtful so publicly. 

5.  The negative times are also a great source to gain more awareness on experience works.

6.  One knows sometimes (rarely) schedule need to change because we do live in a living body.  Our ill rate is about 2%.  Very well we are together so far. We make each other healthy here, in earth, body, mind, and beauty. 

7.  Perhaps we are too protective of the team.  We book by voice and words.   When we sense trolling we become too protective. Let loose.

8.  Trolling is the use of dramatic views that maximize the disturbance of one’s emotions in the direction they want you in.   Commonly, some form of intimidation is included.  (or “make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.”). Trolling is hurtful. 

9.  You are very kind after all. I believe you are a kind person.  K. told me a little about you.  Wow. Remarkable.  Like I said in the beginning in a FB comment, we hope we can forgive well.

10.  Please PM me your address for the salt lamp (two of them as it was a couple option) so I can mail it to you as promised in the beginning.  Feel free to pick them up if desired.  We want you to have them soon.   

11.  Yes, we were at odds with your reactions with us.  We admit it. We didn’t like it. But we will be fine.  Hope you are too with us.  One Love.


Thank you for your teachings as well.







The File,

A case circa Feb 25, 2017, the year of strange.

Any relationships begin with kindness, and that includes being kind to anyone who got sick and unable to serve someone’s massage & facial party, and have to reschedule.  

Was the short notice deliberate?  Of course not.  Why would we wish the team to feel ill and deliberately cancel a celebration party?  Why was the phone conversation we had with TW where we mentioned the compensation (refund and gift and Active Wait) ignored in such an open statement? Why was the short notice due to our team being sick ignored in this open statement?  Why are these people laughing at our attempts to reach them due to our record error (a human error)?  Have they never made any error in your life?  We did reach her by phone in the end, and we also explained everything on the phone for several minutes until she got too upset even though we were very apologetic and offer new arrangements.  We think it is a very important fact to include in the public statement.  The very public portrayal was made to make us look bad, period.  And someone did react negatively to the fact-omitting statement. 

Why are we not allowed to voice our facts when such facts-omitted statements that have already caused an immediate negative reaction?  Why do we have one person telling us in a private message to just say sorry, delete everything, and everyone will forget about this in some weeks?  How have you forgotten that it was not us who began the facts omitting statement first? 

Why do we have people telling us to say sorry under such circumstances, threatening us with these untrue online trolling without knowing the whole truth first?   Are you trying to silence us without merits?  Are we able to become so bias about the truth we don’t like to hear what would prevent us from typing out our strange feel-good-for-peers emotions on social media text box?

We will always consider our team’s well-being more important than anything else, and yes, even if it means a short notice cancellation.      If anyone has a problem with that, then we cannot serve them – since there is no kindness, therefore no relationship. 

When we spoke to TW, it was not met with kindness.  She was very difficult to speak to.  Peter, Jessica, and Haruna were all in presence when Haruna spoke to her for about three minutes on the phone Friday late evening (about 7:30 pm) and we tell you it was very surreal.  

The following are the  sequence of events in true form related to the trolling on our Social Media pages (they are still public at this time), and we wish to create this page to ensure “facts” are outlined correctly and to ensure they are easy to follow so it is not taken out of context.  We believe the best way to fight alternative facts, and out of context statements is to ensure the sequence of events are open, from the beginning to see how it all began.

Rumours end with the wise person who sees the whole truth, and not only picking facts convenient for their own paradigm.  

When someone deliberately omits facts, it is considered wrong.   That’s what our teacher have taught us, and what our journalist are fighting these day isn’t it?  Or perhaps truth is already out of fashion in 2017?

selfology team 


By the way, I (Peter) am a Gen-X, not a millennial or “social media manager” per se per some of the mentions in the various posts by TW’s friends who wants to “fire” me.   How odd to use such a word common on some TV shows?   We even had media specialist emailing us just now asking if we need their help as she thinks we should simply apologize to such behaviors because we are a business and impression is very important.  Yes, that’s right, that is exactly why we are outlining the truth here.     The kind and private conversation with her ended with a smear camapign on our social media sites by her and her associates.  

We are a business, yes, and we are here to watch out for our team who made all things possible at selfology.   Take some time to read what we have created so far, and away from the folks who knew only the half-truths before they wrote.   Many of our great relationships are with amazing people, with some very interesting roles in the society, and they know us personally to know that these statements are very untrue.   When our team are sick (which is extremely uncommon), the sum-of-us here will help them rearrange amongst other things we do for each other.   

I ran away with my family from places on earth that still exercises censorship on information, and I am very glad to be here for about twenty six years counting, building a better society with like minds, to hope we can create a better paradigm than what we have today, seen on Social Media, Twitter, or those sorts, that gave us some very strange way of being in 2017.

We will not be silenced by these terrible way of beings.  

We align our techno-self to our real-self, unlike one private message sent to me this evening telling us that we should have a different online and interpersonal appearance.  No, we are the same online and offline.  For we only support the truth and kindness, and to fight for it steadfestly. 

Peter Tu 



Here are the sequence of event in point form, 

1. Booking Made

A client named “T.W.” and her friend “J.W.” brought our Ocean Ninety package for couple and we have reserved Feb 25 in the afternoon.  We acknowledge they have booked this about 8 weeks ago, and eagerly awaits for this.   

2. Team Member Sick, Deciphering Contact Info Error to reach TW

Unfortunately, on Friday, Feb 24, members of our team got ill, and we have to contact all the couples the next day to reschedule or refund where necessary.   Every couple took it with grace except one.  The following email is the first email we sent.   Note that we later we learned that we got the email spelling wrong, from “–nya” to “–nia“.  We also got the phone prefix wrong, and Peter and Haruna both tried to call different combination of the number to see if we can reach her.   We managed to change the “604” to “778” and finally it worked and we spoke to TW about the situation by phone.  Note that we also finally sent both emails to her when we have her email asking for the refund (we gave her to reach out to the special care – that is Peter, Jessica, and Haruna).  But do remember we already spoke to her on these offerings.

3. First Email to TW.

As you can see, we offered her the following both in written form and by verbal when we spoke to her,

  • We explained the situation that our team members are sick and unable to serve tomorrow.
  • We offered a proactive refund if desired.
  • We acknowledged her anticipated disappointment.
  • We acknowledged her long anticipation of the booking.
  • We offered her to be placed on the Active Waitlist where we are willing to have less urgent client wait a little longer.
  • We offered her a salt-lamp as a gift for the inconvenience (note that after the gifts, we will not be making anything, as the deal-site takes up a heavy commission on their visits, leaving very little for us.  We depend on the existing returning clients and the gratuity for the team on the service.  But it was the right thing to gift something for we are truly sorry for the situation).
  • We used the same tone in both the email and by phone (Haruna, is very well known for her kind demeanor – see one of her video on thanking Jason on his comments for us).


This is our first email sent to TW


4. Spoke to TW on the Phone for About Three Minutes

Here’s is the phone call record.  The call lasted about 2.51 minutes, where Haruna got a very upset response.  We know she will be disappointed, so are we, but we could not bring in another person to serve her. Hence we have to reschedule,   That is why we offered a gift and some very apologetic expression –  Peter was sitting right beside Haruna during the call.   Peter could hear her conversation as the earpiece is loud enough.   Jessica could hear Haruna and may not be able to hear the whole conversation as she is further away.  It was late, and we were (with Jessica) the only ones left to ensure our clients are contacted and know about the situation, not merely by email.  We were very worried.    Haruna’s conversation was also guided by Peter, and Jessica to ensure she mentions all the things in the first email.  TW heard all the points in Email 1 on this phone call.   TW was very difficult on the phone, very concerned with her spa event with her partner, and obviously unhappy.  It was ended with TW wanting a refund then she hung up.   



5. Second Email to TW.

About 25 minutes later, after the phone conversation, we decided to email her to ensure she knows that we can absolutely help her with a refund, and to seek for some sympathy since she was very upset about something we are not able to control.   We hope you understand how sorry we have been with her, from the email here and how Haruna spoke to her.   

This is our second email sent to TW



6. A Public Facebook Mention with critical facts omitted issued by TW after our Steps 2 to 5 above, which caused the misleading reactions by her contacts, the first one says, “crappy customer service!”

About 10 minutes later, TW wrote this on her Facebook page, with missing facts (no mention of the circumstances on why we have to cancel – due to team members falling ill), and it also caused some knee-jerk reaction from people, wrongfully address us with “crappy customer service.”     We didn’t understand how our steps 1 to 5 are considered “crappy”?   Well, we thought, perhaps people didn’t know these steps were taken from reading her public statement alone.   




7. We responded with our Steps 2 to 5 to ensure the public is not misled. 

Since this is a public statement, and that we have already spoken to her privately, yet she still decides to write facts-omitting statement, we have decided to upstand and outline the sequence of event, in the following screen shot.  

Haruna’s conversation with her was not a pleasant one, we know she is upset.

This is our public response, essentially outlining the situation in point form, in a factual manner, to ensure the public understands what transpired, not being misled by the public statement with critical facts missing.  

Since her associates think a business should hush regardless, they also mislabel this outline of steps as unprofessional and childish.   Would we ask our child to apologize for something that was misled onto them? Silence could become a form of admission.  We acknowledge the disappointment, but the failure in mentioning what truly happened will mislead the public.   Again, if you look through the comments by her friends thrown at the team, you will notice many of them failed to admit that we have tried step 2 to 5 in private already, to no anvil.   Some of them even outlined and suggested that a good business should do what we have already done so (so proofing they don’t read what we have already done, and omitting facts conveniently to bolster their paradigm).

Please do note that we have already spoken to TW for outlining everything we have written in the email (we wish we could say more until she decided to go), yet we still received an untrue statement and were told by her friends to “apologize” and be hushed.   Sorry for being a broken record, but it seems hard for some folks to recognize that we have already made great attempts to reach out to her and we have already spoken to her in private.   Somehow they ignore things not useful for the point, and pick on all things, including harassing an eight-year-old who decided to come rate us five of five after learning about the situation (we have since asked her parents to take it down for safety reasons).   It was TW who began the misleading online statement.  

So was our team being sick not a matter at all?  Again, she can feel her disappointment but missing the reason for cancellation is not cool.   Why was it written in such way to make us look as if we simply just canceled someone without merits?  How about the other options we told her on the phone?    Why are they omitted?  




8. Centralized Information Page Created for clarity

Please note that some people are already misled by her statement not knowing the reason why we have to cancel and reschedule and continue to write untrue accounts of the situation (you will find bout that it didn’t matter as some just choose to ignore them anyways).  So we did our best to explain the situation in each Facebook reply box and eventually decided this centralized information page is the best way in correcting such online hearsay.   Facebook’s see more, share, and post is very easy to fragmentized the whole truth. 





9.  Various Posts with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.  Many are also taken out of context. 

The rest of the conversation (and there are more to-date).  The team will do our best to respond to each one to explain our perspectives.   We will let the public and our clients who knows us come to their own judgment.  If you support us, please help selfology and fight against this way of being, where a person’s health is considered less important than a spa outing, and misleading statements are made.    The deal is great, and many say we have exceptional value, we know.  That is why we are busy. Many told us to bring up the pricing, but we want to serve a broader range of great people so we decided to stay the price for as long as we can.   We met many facades of the society, not just a certain class because what we have is reasonable.    

Many told us to bring up the pricing, but we want to serve a broader range of great people so we decided to stay the price for as long as we can.   We met many facades of the society, not just a certain class because what we have is reasonable.    









10. Kindness, Relationship, then Service.   

Please upstand against such behaviours.  An unfortunate need to change a spa appointment due to sickness should not earn any human, any business, an irate response, even though we did our best to calm, then receives untruthful statement online, trolls, and demands that we should be hushed and look away.    Be kind, we shall have relationships, and then service.  

This is not about customer service anymore, as one of the ways people continuously label this as.   We are in abundance with our client experience and relationship.   However, since the public smear that initiated by TW, and the subsequent hurtful actions and untrue account of us, it is now about defending the team and to help the society find a way to remove these trolling mannerism. Hearsay, taking things out of context, inhuman responses, amongst other things, such as delivering their attack on our ratings, are not acceptable behaviour.    

One of the stranger things is, someone (who knows her) mentioned to us in private message, that the spa appointment is very important to her, and she is very disappointed (and we get that and did our best for the circumstances) – and the advise is small business should hush and look away, and hoping it will dissipate.

Imagine enough people look away from these things.  Do we want a Trump-Like Canada?

What about our team members who got sick and was it ever mentioned with some level of human kindness?  We are truly dumbfounded by the complete lack of mention of our team members who got sick and squarely focused on us “messing” up her spa party celebration, albeit we did our human best to reach out to her for rearrangement and compensation.   And again, her associates would continue to say how terrible our customer service is, omitting our first five steps.   We find these actions very strange.

You can find the rest of the comments made on us by her associates and “believers” of untrue facts on Facebook if they still exist.  Many of these people uses “customer service” as a cloak to think our team member’s absence due to sickness is not a material fact and has no importance to anything else, and that that we also lose the right to speak up the truth, that we cannot provide a response to her public fact-omitting comment.  Again, we care about our team’s health in an utmost way. as our work involved our artisan hands, with great energy extended on healing people.

If people on social media these days are so fearful for upstanding for truth and more interested in asking us to fabricate an “image” of apologies even against such strange behaviors, perhaps the good people have already lost this battle.

No, we are not crappy.  In fact, we are great in creating a special experience with many five star reviews.  We are sensitive to people being rude to us.   I think every small business should be senstive to people who are rude to them.  The price of the service does not include being rude to us in the first place, on the phone, or in person.

We were very polite until we have to defend ourselves, where we become very firm on our stance.   

The society cannot afford to look away any further.   Take the lessons from our neighbour.

selfology team






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